Who Can Resist a Mug of Frothy Caffe D’Vita Hot Cocoa?

How can anybody not be drawn to a big mug of frothy hot chocolate which has been attacked by a generous dollop of whipped cream and topped off with marshmallows? I feel it is my lifetime global obligation to frequent as many hot chocolate selling establishments, and consume as much hot chocolate as I can!  Well somebody has to do it!

Hot Chocolate is great especially in the winter time when it’s cold outside I look forward to coming inside where it’s warm and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate. I mean who doesn’t love hot chocolate? Some of the best memories I have as a kid are drinking hot chocolate with my parents.

As an adult I’ve done some serious research into the best hot chocolates on the market and I must say that the best hot cocoa I’ve ever gleefully thrown back has been Caffe D’Vita’s Premium hot cocoa.

I used to love homemade hot chocolate, and the ritual of stirring dark, rich, unsweetened cocoa powder and sugar on the stove. But I quickly lost interest the first time I tried one of Caffe D’Vita’s gourmet hot chocolate mix. Caffe D’Vita uses Dutch processed European chocolate in their premium hot cocoa. It is so rich in flavor and at the same time soothing and creamy.

Caffe D’Vita’s Premium hot cocoa is low in fat, has no hydrogenated oils, has no Trans fat and its gluten free. Unlike other supermarket version, these mixes are dreamy rich and packed with everything that’s right and good about one of the world’s favorite foods. True aficionados of chocolate will appreciate the incredibly complex flavor of this seductively rich, cocoa. Because of its premium cocoa and rich, velvety creamer you only use water to make.

Those with a serious sweet tooth but watching their sugar intake will also love Caffe D’Vita’s premium sugar free hot cocoa.

Caffe D’Vita’s sugar free hot cocoa is a chocolaty-sweet sugar free version of our premium hot cocoa and is sweetened with Splenda. Our sugar free hot cocoa mix is a surprisingly good alternative for those who need to reduce their sugar intake. Our sugar free hot cocoa uses the finest flavorings & ingredients and is the best instant sugar free hot cocoa available. It is low in hydrogenated oils, has no Trans fat, and is gluten free & wheat free!

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