Caffe D’Vita All Natural Mocha Frappe

All Natural Mocha Frappe – A Few Premium Ingredients. Now, you can finally indulge in the rich, chocolaty taste of a coffee house style blended iced coffee mocha without having to worry about a list of ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Clean and simple, our Natural Mocha Frappe contains Arabica coffee, cocoa powder, natural flavors, sugar, skim milk and salt. And that’s all.

A healthier alternative to other powdered coffee drink mixes, this mocha mix doesn’t use non-dairy creamers, corn syrup solids, artificial flavors or colors. There are no preservatives, stabilizers, hydrogenated oils, trans-fats or cholesterol. Caffe D’Vita’s Natural Mocha Frappe is also gluten free and kosher. For a delicious, all natural Mocha Frappe ice blended coffee, pour 6 ounces of your choice of milk into a blender with 4 tablespoons of Natural Mocha Frappe mix and 12 ounces (11/2 cups) of ice. Blend it thoroughly until it’s smooth. Top it off with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. For a warm soothing change, try a delicious hot steaming latte version using 2 tablespoons of Natural Mocha Frappe to 8 oz. of your choice of milk (not boiling), stir, sip, and enjoy.

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