Grandpa’s St. Patrick’s Day Advice About Irish Coffee

Grandpa’s trick knee told him a cold snap was coming, so he would start mulling over the fundamentals of hot alcohol.

Safety first, he would say. The first thing to look out for with hot drinks is the heat. The last thing you need, as a hostess sweating to entertain the guests inevitably crammed into your gracious kitchen, is for one of the gals to catch her sweater on fire. The reek of charred cashmere displeases. If you want to drink hot cocoa with peppermint Schnapps, topped off with Reddi-wip, then I want to see your ID, and I also want you to know that Reddi-wip cans may be flammable at a high temperature. A can of Reddi-wip does not count as a fire extinguisher. In fact, Reddi-wip may itself be flammable at a high temperature.

Another note on applied thermodynamics: In terms of the quality of the beverage experience, the problem is not the heat but the tepidity. They’re hot drinks, not warm drinks. The glow of the liquor should radiate through the purging scorch of the mixer and the good tingle of the seasonings. Get the drinks close to bubbling, and make them small. Served in large portions, hot drinks turn gaggingly unpalatable down the stretch as sweetness gets sticky and sediment piles into your epiglottis. Always pre-warm the cup.

For an Irish Coffee you need an 8-ounce stemmed glass in the shape of a tulip … The glass forces you into the correct proportions … You don’t want the coffee-to-whiskey ratio to be any greater than 3:1

According to the National Institute of Health, alcohol decreases your core body temperature. According to them the sweltering stuff will affect you sooner than if you drank the same drink cold, chilled, iced. In those conditions the stomach must warm the stuff up to body temperature before absorption can take place; taken hot, it will start getting to you at once. It’s always best to plan ahead according to your individual needs and foibles. It might be prudent to ensure that you have a designated driver.

But go no further, no fancier. Caffe D’Vita Irish Cream Cappuccino makes it so easy. Sometimes there is simply no need to be either clever or original.

I recently visited a friend’s home who served the best Irish coffee on earth. Its bottom layer a blend of Caffe D’Vita Espresso and Powdered Caffe D’Vita Irish Cream Cappuccino mix add Irish whiskey to taste! And then a final broad band of heavy cream that had been brought to a quasi-solid state in a cold cocktail shaker; it was fluffy magic and offered invigorating contrast with the steaming drink.

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