Childhood Redux: I Love Me Some Milkshakes

It’s been years since I had one, but I love me some milkshakes.

I remember being a kid and sleeping over at my friend’s house and staying up late and watching Alien. My friend and I used to hike to the local drug store lunch counter and order up the most delicious tasting concoctions ever created on earth. So of course, while I have a special place in my heart for yummy milkshakes I hadn’t really found a good one for years.

To my delight Caffe D’Vita has recreated my childhood memories in a delicious mix you can make at home without the hassle of using ice cream, which pleases both parents and kids.
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Caffe D’Vita: 40 Years of Quality and Dedicated Service

In a fickle and disruptive economic climate, many family-run businesses have taken a hard hit. Despite the downturn of the market, however, Caffe D’Vita has managed to thrive: surviving and pressing on, all the while keeping the competitive edge we’ve maintained for the last 40 years. That is because we believe that a stable family business recognizes the emotional impact of their leadership style on the company, its employees, and customers.
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