Chocolate is Good For You

Chocolate is actually good for you!There’s a reason that chocolate inspires gotta-have-it cravings for so many of us, perhaps more than any other food: It’s good for you!

“It’s actually good for your heart and also good for your blood pressure,” says Valentine Yanchou Njike, MD, MPH, of the Yale Griffin Prevention Research Center, who has researched cocoa’s effect on blood vessel function. Researchers have also found that phytochemicals in cocoa, which is used to make chocolate, may improve blood vessel function, slow blood clotting, improve insulin resistance and have protective effects against cancer.  And even though the labels say chocolate contains saturated fat, it’s actually the kind of fat that has little effect on your cholesterol levels.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to beat yourself up for craving chocolate if you enjoy it in moderation.

Here are some tips for getting a guilt-free chocolate fix.
1. Choose wisely.
How about chocolate instead of potato chips? Yes, indeed! The darker the chocolate, the more phytochemicals it contains. Because you’re eating this for pleasure.

have what you like in moderation,
2. Get a liquid fix.
Hot cocoa is another way to enjoy chocolate. Make your own using one of Caffe D’Vita’s hot cocoa or sugar free hot cocoa.
3. Savor it.
If you really love chocolate, slow down, enjoy it and savor every sip.

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True aficionados of chocolate will appreciate the incredibly complex flavor of this seductively rich, cocoa. Because of its premium cocoa and rich, velvety creamer you only have to use water to make it.

Those with a serious sweet tooth but watching their sugar intake will also love Caffe D’Vita’s premium sugar free hot cocoa.
Caffe D’Vita’s sugar free hot cocoa is a chocolaty-sweet sugar free version of our premium hot cocoa and is sweetened with Splenda®. Our sugar free hot cocoa mix is a surprisingly good alternative for those who need to reduce their sugar intake. Our sugar free hot cocoa uses the finest flavorings & ingredients and is the best instant sugar free hot cocoa available. It is has no hydrogenated oils, or Trans fats, and is gluten free!
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