Spring Fever “Smoothie/Mocktails” from Caffe D’Vita

The transition from winter to spring is one of the most anticipated times of year. The snow is melting, the sun is shining, the ground is coming to life with green and it is once again enjoyable to be outside longer than 10 minutes at a time. As you finish up your spring cleaning or income taxes and plan your gardens and summer vacations, take some time to sit down on the patio with a refreshing fruit drink that wakens your taste buds from the winter blues.

The Smoothie/Mocktail is the ultimate drink without the alcohol. A Spring Fever Smoothie/Mocktail is perfect anytime of the day and is even better with fresh fruit juices. You will really be in the mood for the spring season with an apple, lemon and blood orange juice Smoothie/Mocktail that starts by using Caffe D’Vita’s unique vanilla base.

Cool and refreshing, fruit Smoothie/Mocktails made with Caffe D’Vita’s neutral creamy Vanilla base are designed to make every sip of your blended drinks light and flavorful by using sun-ripened fruit or fruit concentrates and syrups.

Create a tropic oasis in every sip by blending our vanilla base with syrup concentrates like blueberry, pomegranate, and Acai. From Pina Coladas to Mango Passion Smoothies, Caffe D’Vita’s creamy Vanilla base makes every sip a delight. Made from only premium ingredients, this kosher vanilla base is gluten free and has a long shelf life. At Caffe D’Vita, we guarantee that our vanilla base will produce accurate serving results every time.

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Caffe D’Vita’s premium foodservice products will exceed your quality and taste standards as our Cappuccino products have for nearly 40 years.

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