It’s Chai Tea Latte Time of Year

This time of year I really get into Chai Tea Latte. It’s a great alternative to cappuccino and espresso and besides I just love the way it tastes.

CHAI, pronounced tshai, with a long “i” as in the word tie, is the actual word for TEA in many countries.

Chai tea is a rich and complex beverage that has been savored for centuries in many parts of the world. It has become extremely popular in the West as people are becoming exposed to it in coffee and tea houses and restaurants and elsewhere where beverages are sold.

In its most basic form, Chai is black tea that is brewed strong with a combination of spices and is diluted with milk and sugar. The spices vary usually consist of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, anise seedr and ginger. Chai tea is traditionally consumed hot and sweet. The sweetness is needed to bring out the full flavors of the spices.

Chai tea is wonderfully fragrant and soothing, but if you really want to kick back and indulge in a little “Arabian nights” I can only recommend: Chai Tea Latte or Chai Latte!

A Chai Latte is the spiced Chai tea mixed with milk that’s steamed. I love the soft foamy texture the steamed milk adds to the Chai.

For those times when you don’t want to make Chai tea from scratch, Caffe D’Vita Chai Tea Latte is a great alternative.

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