Caffe D’Vita – Irish Creamtini

When done right, a chilled martini can be the perfect thing at the end of a long day. One particularly favorable quality of a martini is that the variations on this drink seem to know no end or boundary.

While experimenting with various ways to create the perfect martini—try adding Caffe D’Vita’s Irish Cream powdered cappuccino mix to the blend. Smooth and delicious, our Irish Creamtini is just sweet enough to counteract the bitter flavor of the gin or vodka without overpowering it. Try this recipe:

In a metal martini shaker, add:
2 oz of prepared Caffe D’Vita Irish Cream mix
2 oz of vodka
A splash of very chilled Martini & Rossi Dry Vermouth
A lemon twist
Crushed Ice (a note about this: Cubed is fine, but Crushed will make it colder)
½ oz Vanilla syrup (this part is optional)

Take the glass out of the fridge (you should chill it for about 10 minutes before using it), and pour a small amount of the vermouth into it. Swirl the vermouth in the glass that the sides of the glass are coated. Discard the vermouth. Rim the glass with the lemon twist. Pour your gin or vodka into a shaker over lots of ice. Shake well until cold and pour into the martini glass. Twist the lemon, well, twist over the martini and balance it along the rim (or just drop it in the glass the way you would in the case of a cosmo).

If you don’t like the lemon and cream flavor/texture combo, try rimming the glass with chocolate sauce and dusting a bit of cinnamon on top of the martini. You can use olives, but it’s not really recommended.

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