Caffe D’Vita Enchanted Chai, A Premium Chai Experience

If you’re a big fan of chai drinks and want to know how to make these at home, then Caffe D’Vita Enchanted Chai drinks may just be right for you. Caffe D’Vita’s Spiced Tea Latte and Vanilla Tea Latte are pre-mixed powder blends; all you’ll need to make these delicious concoctions is a cup and some hot water for hot chai or a blender, water and ice for blended ice Chai lattes.

What exactly is a chai drink?

Chai is an age-old drink that comes from India where the word “chai” means tea. But chai isn’t just any ordinary tea; it contains special blends of spices, called Masala in India, which makes the tea much more delicious and satisfying than normal tea. Another benefit that chai tea has involves the health benefits that the tea and the spices added to the tea can provide. These drinks have become quite popular in tea and coffee houses and now it is possible to easily make chai tea at home. Read more