Caffe D’Vita Enchanted Chai, A Premium Chai Experience

If you’re a big fan of chai drinks and want to know how to make these at home, then Caffe D’Vita Enchanted Chai drinks may just be right for you. Caffe D’Vita’s Spiced Tea Latte and Vanilla Tea Latte are pre-mixed powder blends; all you’ll need to make these delicious concoctions is a cup and some hot water for hot chai or a blender, water and ice for blended ice Chai lattes.

What exactly is a chai drink?

Chai is an age-old drink that comes from India where the word “chai” means tea. But chai isn’t just any ordinary tea; it contains special blends of spices, called Masala in India, which makes the tea much more delicious and satisfying than normal tea. Another benefit that chai tea has involves the health benefits that the tea and the spices added to the tea can provide. These drinks have become quite popular in tea and coffee houses and now it is possible to easily make chai tea at home. Read more

Caffe D’Vita Premium Beverage Mixes – Now available in Foodservice

Along with our full line of premium Blended Iced Coffee mixes, we have recently added Classic Cream Smoothies to our foodservice line. As a foodservice distributor for Caffe D’Vita, you have:
Cocoa Freeze
Pralines n’ Cream
Cookies n’ Cream
Peanut Butter
Rocky Road
Vanilla Bean

All coffee-free classics! Remember, these are in addition to our Blended Iced Coffees and Fruit Cream Smoothies.

Also new to our foodservice line, Iced Cappuccino mix, for variable temperature dispensing machines, are available in Coffee, Mocha, and French Vanilla.

And, just in time for the summer season, Soft Serve Frozen Dessert Mix and Nonfat Frozen Dairy Dessert Mix – call now for more details!

If you are interested in becoming a Caffe D’Vita foodservice distributor, we would be happy to provide you with the resources to market Caffe D’Vita products to your customers.

To contact us, simply click here or call us at 800-200-5005 x315.
Caffe D’Vita’s premium foodservice products will exceed your quality and taste standards as our Cappuccino products have for over 34 years.

Caffe D’Vita Foodservice Lineup
Blended Iced Coffees
Premium Cappuccino Mix
Fruit Cream Smoothies
Classic Cream Smoothies
Hot Cocoa
Espresso Mix
Chai Tea Lattes
Iced Cappuccinos
Single Serve Envelopes
Soft Serve Dessert Mixes

800-200-5005 x315.

America’s First Premium Cappuccino Mix

In the early 1970’s Al Greene realized that coffee sales were dramatically increasing in the American market. Part of this change was due to technology and the ability to produce good coffee quickly and easily.

Coffee houses sprang up and boomed, premium coffees became popular and coffee was becoming a recreational beverage consumed around the world. It was clear that coffee and coffee drinks were here to stay and would become part of a changing lifestyle.

With this expanded growth came new markets, one with an international flavor. To meet this demand Al Greene formed Brad Barry Company and pioneered development of the first commercially available Instant Cappuccino at the retail level.

Initially, we introduced Caffe D’Vita Cappuccino in the Southern California market in 1974 where it was an immediate success. Now in its thirty-fifth year, with national distribution from coast-to-coast, Caffe D’Vita continues to innovate by creating distinctive drinks for all to enjoy.

Caffe D’Vita is recognized in the specialty coffee industry as ‘The Premium Beverage Mix”. Consistently beating the competition in blind taste tests Caffe D’Vita’s award-winning flavors are the result of premium ingredients we blend to make every cup a rich, creamy and flavorful experience. Using the best Arabica coffees, premium creamer system and other quality ingredients we are still proud to be making Caffe D’Vita Cappuccino. After three decades and over one billion servings of Cappuccino, Brad Barry has grown into an internationally recognized manufacturer that services Retail, Clubs, Food Service and Export customers.

During its history the company has continued to innovate and bring additional products to the market, most notably our Premium Hot Cocoa, Espresso and Enchanted Chai Tea Lattes. Also, knowing our customers are a valuable resource we have responded to their needs and have introduced various Caffe D’Vita products in sugar-free versions using Splenda®.

Now, entering our thirty-fifth year, we are very excited to be adding ‘Blended Ice Coffees’ and ‘Fruit Cream Smoothie Mix’ to our Product Line. These new drinks are easily mixed with water and ice to create smooth, creamy, and delicious blended drinks. They represent our commitment to stay at the forefront of technology, taste and style.

Brad Barry Company is continually striving to meet our customers’ expectations by introducing newly developed products, maintaining our standards of excellence, while providing the most enjoyable “Premium Instant Beverages” available today!

Remember, “Drink Premium™” and Enjoy!