Caffe D’Vita Enchanted Chai Tea Latte

Caffe D’Vita Enchanted Chai Tea Latte: A Taste of India According to legend, an Indian king first introduced chai to his royal courts around 5,000 years ago. Originally, chai was used as cleansing tonic meant to alleviate a number of ailments.

The ancients, it turns out, were onto something. The antioxidants found naturally in black tea have been shown in some studies to help fight cancers, lower cholesterol, reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and lower blood pressure. These same studies suggest antioxidants are useful in preventing heart diseases and strokes while possibly boosting your immune system. When blended with ginger, chai can ward off colds, soothe the digestive and respiratory systems, and can even prevent motion sickness. Cinnamon can work as a stimulant to other herbs, enabling them to work faster.

Chai gradually became a popular recreational beverage. Recipes for chai (which derives from “cha”, the Chinese word for tea) change depending on the region and manner in which it is being served. Typically, however, chai is comprised of loose black tea leaves that are boiled with milk, water, and either honey or “Masala” sugar. There is a version, called Kashmiri chai, which is brewed with gunpowder tea (green tea where each leaf is rolled into a tiny pellet that resembles the gunpowder used in cannons).

Almost all chai–especially Masala Chai–is spiced with a unique combination of cinnamon, black pepper, anise, cloves, cardamom and ginger. It is also often prepared with almonds, saffron, vanilla, carob, and even licorice. In India, chai is brewed in huge kettles over small charcoal fires. The drink – which is served more frequently than even coffee – is then served in containers that are smashed afterwards. It is the unglazed aspect to the pots that provide an earthy flavor to the chai.

With the advent of the neighborhood coffeehouse trend, chai’s popularity continues to rise as more people come to appreciate its unique aroma and flavor. Caffe D’Vita’s Enchanted Chai Tea Latte provides a comforting blend of exotic teas, spices and milk that can be enjoyed anytime. Serve it hot, iced, or blended for the perfect premium Chai Frappe or it can be added to baked goods like muffins and cakes.

At Caffe D’Vita, you can pick between either classic spiced chai or vanilla chai. Each is delicious and can be purchased in either a two pound venpak bag (12 pounds total) or in single serve envelopes.

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