Cookies 'n Cream Smoothie

Cookies ‘n Cream Smoothie Recipe

3 Steps to a Delicious D’Vita Smoothie

Cookies ‘n Cream Smoothie

Cookies ‘n Cream is a flavor with a big following! If you’re a fan, Caffe D’Vita’s recipe will satisfy your craving for cookies ‘n cream with this quick and easy smoothie recipe!

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Banana Split Smoothie

Banana Mocha Split Recipe

A Delicious D’Vita Smoothie in Only 3 Steps!

Banana Mocha Split Smoothie

Our Banana Split Smoothie recipe is a “go-to” for banana split fans! With only a total of 4 ingredients — including our chocolate base smoothie mix, it couldn’t be easier to enjoy this tasty drink anytime.

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Chocolate Mint-mint Smoothie

Chocolate Mint-Hint Recipe

This D’Vita Smoothie Offers a Favorite Combo…

Chocolate Mint-Hint Smoothie

Mint lovers will enjoy this delicious, creamy smoothie with the classic combination of chocolate and mint. Just use your favorite chocolate covered mints with our premium base smoothie mix, and enjoy!

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