About Orosto Espresso and House Roast
Orosto is a classic Northern Italian medium roast coffee. Unlike most dark roasts, a medium roast better retains the taste or note characteristics of the bean.
Orosto Espresso, for use in espresso machines
Orosto House Roast, for use in all other coffee makers
Beans – For those who own a coffee grinder
Ground – Fine for espresso machines
Ground – Medium for coffee maker, French press, pour over

1. What’s The Name:

2. What Does “Orosto” Mean?
It was derived from the Italian word Arosto, meaning “to roast”

3. How much caffeine is in it?
Same as any brewed or espresso coffee

8 oz Drip Coffee has approximately

96 mg caffeine
1 oz Espresso has approximately 64 mg of caffeine

4. What’s the difference between the Espresso and House Roast?
The espresso is roasted for use in espresso machines
The house roast is roasted for all other coffee makers

5. Are your coffees “blends”, more than one type of bean?
No, they are unique single origin Arabica beans
Espresso with beans from Peru
House Roast with beans from Honduras

6. Are they fresh roasted?
Yes, every week.

The roast date is stamped on the bottom of every bag

7. Will I get them fresh?
Yes. Orders are shipped within 3 days of roast date

8. Where are they roasted?
Glendora, California, a suburb east of Los Angeles.

9. Who roasts the beans?
Our roast master is Jamil Radney, an expert roaster and Specialty Coffee Association roasting instructor.

10. Are the beans medium or dark roast?
Medium roast. Better for grinders than dark roast, better taste in brewed coffee than dark roast.

11. The price is a little high. Why is that?
Orosto is a specialty, small batch roasted, single origin coffee. Like a fine wine, it costs a little more than grocery store coffee or specialty coffees using cheaper beans in their blends.

12. What is single origin coffee?
Our beans come from one region or farm so that they are of the same quality and have the same taste characteristics, similar to wine grapes from the same region.

13. How do I store my beans/ground coffee?
Keep them in the bag in a dark, cool place such as a cupboard. Do not freeze or refrigerate them.

14. How long will one bag of beans/ground coffee last?
Approximately 10 days depending on usage.

15. How will a sweetener go with Orosto?
Fine but we recommend brewing a little stronger if you use any type of milk or sweetener

16. Is there a decaf?
No, not yet

17. Does the Espresso produce thick “crema”?
Yes, because of the way it has been expertly roasted and depending on how you grind it and pull your shots.

18. Return Policy – All sales are final

19. How much is shipping?
Shipping is Free on all Orosto.