Holiday Traditions and Candy Cane Lore

Just before Christmas, in seventeenth century Europe, a choirmaster looked over his notes regarding that year’s Christmas pageant. The event was to be spectacular: a drawn-out affair complete with living mangers and live animals—reenactments and beautifully performed psalms. A visual delight for church patrons, it was designed to truly celebrate the Christmas story. The adults would be delighted; the children would be bored.

The choirmaster reflected over this. What good would it be to plan such an extravagant performance if there would be children rustling and sighing throughout the whole thing?

And then he came up with a solution. At this time, in lieu of the modern pacifier, parents would occupy unruly children with sticks of white sugar. The choirmaster—in an effort to calm the restless kids—ordered that enough sticks of sugar be available to hand out to all of the children. He even found a way to tie it in with the Christmas story: instead of handing out straight sticks, he had them fashioned into the symbol of a shepherd’s: crook or cane.

The idea was such a success that, before long, it was being implemented throughout Europe. These candy canes were eventually given several symbolic meanings that tied them into the bible and, of course, throughout history more have been added.

The hardness of the candy supposedly represents the Church’s foundation (like solid rock). The white canes were also symbolic of Mary’s purity during the conception. The fact that held upside down, the shape of the Shepherd’s Crook becomes a “J” (for Jesus) only further encouraged its popularity. The refreshing peppermint flavor of a candy cane even hints to hyssop—which was a purification herb listed in the Old Testament.

The candy cane made its first reported debut in America in 1847, when a German immigrant hung the canes on his Christmas tree in Ohio. The then all-white candy decorated Christmas cards and became one of the many symbols associated with Christmas and the holiday season.

Around 1900, the look of the cane shifted: three red stripes suddenly appeared. The stripes are said to represent many things: the trinity, the blood spilled by Christ at Cavalry’s tree, and Christ’s love being among them. When a candy cane has a green stripe, it is symbolic of gift-giving.

From then-on-out, Candy Canes were striped.

Refreshingly sweet and seeped in religious lore, peppermint candy canes have become so integrated into holiday traditions that even the simple taste of peppermint makes us think of donning our stockings and decking the halls.

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Just add 5 ounces of water or milk to 3 teaspoons of our premium Peppermint Mocha Mix into your favorite 6-ounce mug and stir. Top it with whipped cream and dust it with some green sprinkles. Top it with whipped cream and dust it with some green sprinkles or if you like add a classic red-and-white candy cane stirrer and it’s ready to serve. Add a classic red-and-white candy cane stirrer and it’s ready to serve.

You can also combine 3 ounces of dairy, almond or soy milk into a blender with 3 tablespoons of all-natural Peppermint Mocha mix and 3 ice cubes. Blend it together until it’s smooth for a minty smoothie or add peppermint schnapps and serve it as a cocktail with a crushed candy cane rim.

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