Coffee Houses Prefer Caffe D’Vita’s Powdered Bases

For the past 37 years, Caffe D’Vita’s award-winning powdered bases have been the number 1 pick among coffee houses and food distributors. They are made to mix with water but you can also make with milk or coffee, what’s great is that they can even be used in baking treats for your pastry shelf.

Rich and smooth, each beverage made from Caffe D’Vita’s powdered bases is guaranteed to be well balanced, with just the right amount of sugar. Our bases compliment and enhance fresh ingredients like juice and coffee and add texture to smoothies and blended drinks.

Whether your clientele comes in from the sweltering summer heat looking to beat the heat with a mocha frappuccino or they’re winding down their day with a soothing chai latte on the way home, our powdered mixes are guaranteed to please, providing accurate serving results every time.

For a 16 ounce drink, pour 2 scoops of powder into the blender. Our 60cc scoop is included in each food service case. Products are available in 3.5-lb bags, packed five to a case.

Caffe D’Vita’s products have a long shelf life, are kosher and gluten free, are quick to make and can be used with either a blender or granita machine. The premium ingredients are guaranteed to produce accurate serving results every time. For foodservice customers, our unique customer service and promotional support is backed by over 37 years of experience in the premium beverage industry.

Caffe D’Vita remains dedicated to the ideal of developing and producing only the finest premium products with outstanding customer service. We listen to our customers and continue to pursue new and exciting products for them.

If you are interested in becoming a Caffe D’Vita foodservice distributor, we would be happy to provide you with the resources to market Caffe D’Vita products to your customers.

To contact us, simply click here or call us at 800-200-5005 x315.

Caffe D’Vita’s premium foodservice products will exceed your quality and taste standards as our Cappuccino products have for over 36 years.

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