Caffe D’Vita Pumpkin Delight Smoothie Recipe

By Kara Mae Adamo

Walking briskly through the streets, you can smell it. The cinnamon brooms hung on doors – the smell of freshly brewed cappuccino and coffee. Leaves are just on the brink of changing – building up to their brilliant, fiery crescendo of light and color before the winter’s end. Brisk autumn wind has begun swirling through in the mornings and at night. Daylight is charmed with bright blue skies and light jackets.

Among the many images of fall, pumpkins rein king. Pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin soups, pumpkin ales and even pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin raviolis have shown up in restaurants and coffee houses from coast to coast. Served hot or cold, in dinner, desserts, or drinks, the spicy sweetness of pumpkin can be found everywhere. A North American native, the pumpkin has been an integral part of the holiday tradition for centuries.

Celebrate the season with Caffe D’Vita’s delicious recipe for a “Pumpkin Delight” smoothie. Made with their premium Vanilla Base Cream Smoothie, this recipe will be sure to delight the senses of everyone. Not to be outdone, for a warm and tasty treat you might also try Caffe D’Vita’s Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino.

Caffe D’Vita Pumpkin Delight Smoothie


Crushed Ice

Caffe D’Vita Vanilla Base mix

Pumpkin Pie Filling

Half and Half



Whipped Cream


Pour 1/3 cup of Caffe D’Vita Vanilla Base mix into a blender. Add the ½ cup of Pumpkin Pie filling, 2 ounces of Half & Half, and 2 ounces of water. Add the ice and blend. Take a 16 ounce glass and fill it with ice. Add that amount of ice to the blender and blend everything on low, then on high, and then on “pulse.” Check the consistency. It should be smooth; not too thick and not too watery. Pour the Pumpkin Delight drink into a glass and top it with whipped cream. Garnish it with cloves or cinnamon.

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