Caffe D’Vita Offers Today’s Healthier College Students More Choices

By Kara Mae Adamo

Fall is in full swing, and with it comes a number of different traditions. Stores have started selling orange and black streamers and plastic pumpkins near their over-stocked candy aisles. Football has appeared on nearly every television on Sundays and Mondays. And college kids have started swarming the hallways of various universities throughout the country. Generally, these students are armed with laptops, thousand-pound books, and an blended iced coffee beverage.

These days, however, the eating dynamic of the average student has changed a bit. Keen to the ever-present opportunities to multitask, today’s collegiate student not only balances work with cramming for exams and internships, but fits in the opportunity to work out and eat healthier, too.

Caffe D’Vita has adapted their newest product to fit in with the priorities and life styles of college students everywhere, while maintaining the same premium taste that has earned them the reputation they’ve carried for over thirty years.

So whether you’re stocking store shelves with their new healthy fruit smoothie mixes or filling coffee shops with the aroma of classic, savory Mocha, Caffe D’Vita has just the thing that will satisfy your clientele.

If you are interested in becoming a Caffe D’Vita foodservice distributor, we would be happy to provide you with the resources to market Caffe D’Vita products to your customers.

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Caffe D’Vita’s premium foodservice products will exceed your quality and taste standards as our Cappuccino products have for over 36 years.

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