Caffe D’Vita Irish Cream Cappuccino Product Review by Aimee Plesa Food Blogger

By Aimee Plesa
Those of you who know me personally know how much I love getting freebies and reviewing products. Last week, Caffe D’Vita was sponsoring a small contest on their Facebook page in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and I was lucky enough to be one of the handful of lucky winners. My bounty? A sample packet of their Irish cream cappuccino. My sample arrived late last week and I am happy to admit that I am enjoying my mug of cappuccino as I write this review.

Irish cream is traditionally a liqueur made from a blend of Irish whiskey, cream and other ingredients, such as coffee. The most widely known brand is Bailey’s Irish Cream. It is commonly served in coffee, as an ingredient in mixed drinks or served as a shot. Caffe D’Vita’s cappuccino mix gives you the delicious flavor of Irish cream and coffee without the alcohol.

I must admit, I am fussy when it comes to my coffee drinks. I don’t care for an overly strong coffee flavor and a too strong brew seriously upsets my stomach. I was pleasantly surprised that Caffe D’Vita’s Irish cream cappucino offered up exactly what I was hoping for-rich coffee flavor without the painful side effects. The flavor of the Irish cream was clearly evident but not overpowering. It was a beautiful marriage of flavors that pleased my taste buds while warming my belly. The best part of Caffe D’Vita’s Irish cream cappuccino was how easy it is to make. Simply heat a mug of water, stir in the powder mix and enjoy! No fancy machines or kitchen gadgets are needed to enjoy this beverage. This makes it a great product for us busy moms.

Caffe D’Vita boasts that it uses Arabica coffee and the finest flavorings and ingredients available, and this shines through in the delicious taste of their cappuccino. Their products are low in fat, contain no hydrogenated oils or Trans fats and are gluten free. I have tried other coffee mixes that use hydrogenated oils in their products and I am always left with an oily residue in my mouth after drinking a mug. Not this time! The drink goes down smoothly and doesn’t leave a funky film behind.

Caffe D’Vita’s Irish cream cappuccino is available for purchase on their website for the home consumer, cafes and retail establishments. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, they are currently running a special where you can purchase 3 canisters of their Irish cream cappuccino and 3 canisters of their mocha cappuccino for $25.00. Each canister weighs a full pound and a case (6 canisters) typically costs $33.90. Custom built cases are $36.00. This is a great savings for cappuccino lovers! If you know you can’t drink this much coffee, share the savings with your friends and split the case. At $6.00 a canister, it will save you some serious pennies over stopping at the local coffee shop to get your daily java buzz!

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