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Health Benefits of Juicing VS. Smoothies

Juicing and smoothies are all the rage right now. While both can boost your fruit and vegetable intake (something most Americans need to do) and are great for getting a variety of produce into your diet, one is the better choice. That’s the smoothie. Why? Juicing leaves behind a pulp, which contains fiber, and nutrients […]

Cheers to a New Year

This year, celebrate New Year’s with a delicious drink recipe using Caffe D’Vita’s Peppermint Cappuccino and Amaretto Cappuccino. This recipe can be served either hot or cold and are designed for individual servings. Peppermint Cappuccino: First, pour 1/3 cup (about 3 ounces) of Caffe D’Vita’s Peppermint Cappuccino premium mix into a blender (for the hot […]

Recipe to Love for Iced Caramel Latte!

Making your own iced coffee or blended coffee drink is not only an easy endeavor, it should be economical. The blended iced caramel latte is probably the most popular frozen beverage served in coffee houses and cafes all over the United States. Here is a recipe you can make at home with Caffe D’Vita’s Caramel Latte Blended Iced mix. Variations could […]

Warm Up From the Inside Out

There is a classic coziness to the fall season. The colder air brings us together, encouraging warmth from within, glowing from your hearts, hearths, and coffee mugs. Caffe D’Vita believes that it is this togetherness, this warmth that truly exemplifies the spirit of the season. Classic flavors and scents like the almond flavor of amaretto […]

We’ve Got Hot Cocoa to Keep You Warm

At Caffe D’Vita we make our hot cocoas using Premium Chocolate that creates a rich soothing and creamy flavor. Our cocoa taste like a windy day while at a chalet in the Swiss Alps transported to your tongue. As fall approaches and the cooler breezes blow it’s the perfect time to indulge in a warm […]

Cantaloupe Smoothie Pack a Powerful Punch

You can easily add satisfying and tasty protein smoothie drinks to any lifestyle. The fresh combination of banana, cantaloupe in this smoothie packs a powerful punch of fiber, potassium, calcium, vitamin C and beta carotene. The cantaloupe is known for its low calorie content and sweet and enticing aroma, cantaloupes are the most popular kind of melons in […]