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Classic Cream Smoothies

In an age where things are constantly changing, moving and shifting around, it is nice to be able to stay grounded; to find a company dedicated not only in producing quality products, but also are genuine loyalty to their customers. For the last thirty-six years, Caffe D’Vita has been at the forefront of premium beverage […]

Make A Delicious Caramel Latte Blended Iced Coffeehouse Drink At Home

The blended iced caramel latte is probably the most popular frozen beverage served in coffee houses and cafes all over the United States. Here is a recipe you can make at home with Caffe D’Vita’s Caramel Latte Blended Iced mix Caramel Latte Blended Iced Coffeehouse Beverage Recipe Makes 1 – 12oz beverage Ingredients 1/3 cup […]

Caffe D’Vita Premium Beverage Mixes – Now available in Foodservice

Along with our full line of premium Blended Iced Coffee mixes, we have recently added Classic Cream Smoothies to our foodservice line. As a foodservice distributor for Caffe D’Vita, you have: Cocoa Freeze Pralines n’ Cream Cookies n’ Cream Peanut Butter Rocky Road Vanilla Bean All coffee-free classics! Remember, these are in addition to our […]

America’s First Premium Cappuccino Mix

In the early 1970’s Al Greene realized that coffee sales were dramatically increasing in the American market. Part of this change was due to technology and the ability to produce good coffee quickly and easily. Coffee houses sprang up and boomed, premium coffees became popular and coffee was becoming a recreational beverage consumed around the […]